SALE- PROTOTYPE/LEFTOVER Leather Hybrid Headcovers

$25.00 $59.00

Each leather Headcover is a prototype and/or leftover- ALL NEW.

New items added 12/5/22.

  • Natural soft top grade 100% leather components
  • No-pill blizzard fleece lining
  • Double stitched bottom leather hem
  • Made in USA
  • 1 year warranty from purchase date against workmanship as a result of normal use
  • Flat Rate- $8 shipping



Additional information

Color Options

3H Wht w/blk stripe, White/red w/Canadian Flag Logo, 4H Racing dk purple/metallic, H Blk/Wht Classic, X Ylw/Orange Classic, H Distressed Blk, H Wht/Blk Classic, H Belting Tan/Camel Classic, Camel Waxed Leather, Maroon Embossed Gator, Supple Leopard Print, 5H Cobalt w/wht stripes, 4H BBall Tan w/vert red Stripe, 2H BBall Tan w/Red/Blk Stripes, Cherries Print, H Distressed Fire Red, 3H Waxed Brandy/Blk w/red stripes, H Waxed Distressed Turquoise, 2H Blk w/Red/Wht, H Multicolor Flower Print, White/Green w/Green Shamrock, White w/Blk H, Red H White, Blk X Wht/Blk, Blue H Black, Distressed Blk, Wht H Distressed Red, Lime on Tee White/Yellow, 3H Waxed Turquoise, White H Blk Embossed, Black H Tan Embossed, Red Dancing Court Jesters, Orange Dancing Court Jesters, Grey H Black, 3H Black w/Green Shamrock, Distressed Waxed Brandy, White/Pink w/Tree Logo, 4H Wht w/Blu/Grey stripes, 3H Purple/Metallic Racing, Distressed Blk w/red H, Purple/Blk w/wht H, H Hair on Classic Tiger Print, Distressed Black, X Red Links, H Yellow Links, X White w/Cobalt Blue stripes, 5 Blk w/wht stripes, Moose Leather w/Blk back, X Dk Green w/Saddle Tan stripes


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